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 Master of the Sea by José Sarney.
In the writing of José Sarney I have discovered the knowledge, the language full of imagery, and above all the deeply human quality of the Brazilian people. Master of the Sea is a monumental work.
Claude Levi-Strauss
In English.
 My World Is Not of This Kingdom by Jõao de Melo.
"This is a boiling, shocking story, a baroque impasto, rather like the volcanic creation of the Azores themselves. I cannot name another novel in which a howl is more ferociously unleashed."
Katherine Vaz, author of Mariana, Saudade, and Fado and Other Stories
In English.
 Luminous Cities by Eduardo García Aguilar.
Eduardo García Aguilar captures here the unseen side of the great cities of the world. From Paris, Stockholm and Rome to Mexico City, Antigua and San Francisco, from the garrets of lovers in Europe to the killing fields of civil wars in the Americas, from the beautiful bodies of youth to the nostalgia of old age, we witness these luminous urbs through the eyes of a "professional foreigner.
In English.
 Magdalena: A Fable of Immortality by Beatriz Escalante.
Alchemist, sorceress, visionary, the María Magdalena of this novel by Beatriz Escalante possesses the strength of a transformative desire: to search for the philosopher's stone, a secret paradise pursued through a long metamorphic pilgrimage...
In English.
 Desire and Its Shadow by Ana Clavel.
Soledad awakes to find herself invisible, standing in the middle of downtown Mexico City. Is she really invisible or do others just no longer see her? Prisoner of her passions—to disappear, to be the object of someone's desire, to change identity—she always ends up with her wishes coming true, but along with their dark, unknown side.
In English.
 Mariana by Katherine Vaz.
Mariana is based upon the true story of Mariana Alcoforado, a nun who has an all consuming-love affair with a French mercenary during Portugal's struggle for independence in the 17th century.
In English.

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